Take Home Materials

Weekly Handouts / Bulletin Inserts (Set of 9)

Becoming Informed and Taking Action

Take-home materials are central to the program. Each weekly handout focuses the congregation on an area of consumption. It presents the church’s teachings, a menu of practical suggestions to abstain from over-consuming in that area, a reflective prayer, and suggestions for additional learning activities. Each handout educates your congregation, helps them understand how to reduce their consumptive patterns, and motivates them to embrace Christian simplicity. Handouts can be included in weekly church bulletins or distributed separately.

Handouts are available in three versions:

  • Catholic Church – English version
  • Catholic Church – Spanish version
  • Christian Church – English version

The Lent 4.5 church program is structured around weekly themes which focus on various areas of consumption.

  • Week prior to Ash Wednesday – Introducing Lent 4.5
  • Ash Wednesday Week – Christian Simplicity: Compassionate Living
  • 1st Week of Lent – Food: Buying and Eating are Moral Acts
  • 2nd  Week of Lent – Consumption: Buying Less, Wasting Less
  • 3rd Week of Lent – Water: Conserving and Protecting
  • 4th Week of Lent – Energy: Choosing Efficient and Clean
  • 5th Week of Lent – Transportation: Reducing Carbon Emissions
  • Holy Week – Gratitude and Generosity: Becoming Involved 








Imagine if the Earth were divided equally among all of us. Each person would receive 4.5 acres. Now imagine that everything you need – food, energy, home, clothing, gadgets – must come from those 4.5 acres. But it takes 22.3 acres to maintain the average American lifestyle.There is a new way of observing Lent that helps us care for God’s creation by taking steps toward using only our fair share of its resources. Moving in the direction of 4.5 is essential for anyone walking in the footsteps of Jesus today.

Our Ministry

Lent 4.5 is a seven-week faith formation program which inspires and informs Christian communities on how to use the traditional Lenten disciplines of prayer, fasting and almsgiving to protect God’s creation, embrace Gospel justice and nurture spiritual fulfillment. It offers practical opportunities for people of faith to apply the values of Christian Simplicity to their everyday lives.

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